Web: Information Architecture, UX Design, Visual Design & SEO

Web design comprises several layers of design. All starts with the Information Architecture. The same way that no rational person would start building a house without blue prints, building a website starts by analysing the content and organising in a way that will be easy for the user to access it. We spouse user centric design, producing design solutions that have meaningful and emotional connection with the audience.

A website is a marketing/communication tool  to reach the target audience. This requires firstly identifying the audience, and then designing a user experience  that is engaging and positive based on the audience and the different devices used to access the site. Lastly the visual Design unifies the message and conveys the business philosophy, values and identity.

According to Google 58% of all searches in 2018 were originated from mobile devices

Mobile searches have now overtaken desktop searches, this highlights the importance of providing your visitors with a positive experience regardless of their chosen device.

A responsive website is a must for any business. Having a mobile friendly website is ultimately about serving your customers on the go.

In today's competitive economy a web presence is not longer enough, your website is the first point of contact with your prospective customers. It is your website's quality what will determine if you or your competitor is the winner of their business

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